Personal Information

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I am bringing:

1) Fruits, plants, cut flowers, vegetable, soil, meat, live animals and organisms, honey, wildlife products, plant material, food, animal products or live birds.

2) Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, narcotics and other illicit drugs or biological substances

3) Illicit drugs or narcotics.

4) Radioactive or nuclear substances.

5) Arms, ammunitions, explosives, fireworks, toy guns or other weapons

6) I am / we are carrying currency or monetary instruments over U$$10,000 or equivalent

7) I have goods exceeding the value of my (our) personal duty-free allowance

8) I have gifts or articles for resale

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Spouse & children under age 18 accompanying you

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All passengers, 18 years & older are entitled to US$500 Duty Free Allowance on items not for resale or In commercial quantity.

In addition, passengers and crew members are entitled to import free of duty: 200 sticks of cigarettes or 50 sticks of cigars or 230g of Tobacco; 1 litre of Spirits; 1 litre of Wine; 170 ml of Perfumed Spirits and 340 ml of Toilet Water.

If you are in doubt (Declare all your goods to the customs officer)

*Value should be the price paid or payable in the country of purchase

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